back in the old days: early recordings (2012​-​2013)

by st. homer

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some old recordings from when i was in grade 9 and 10 or so. might as well put them up here for you all to enjoy (for FREE, may I add) instead of keeping it hidden away on my hard drive like i have the last number of years.


released January 7, 2017

all songs written and performed by scott somerville, except drums on worthy some by nick dodson.




st. homer Peterborough, Ontario

Rocking a telecaster, suitcase kick drum, and a foot tambourine, St. Homer is a one-man band with an electrifying sound raised on the energy of New Orleans jazz bands, the lyricism of Paul Simon, and the social conscience of folk singers spanning generations, from Pete Seeger to Joni Mitchell to Xavier Rudd. He promises a genuinely passionate and contemplative performance. ... more

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Track Name: worthy some
much more alive
when you risk it every day
reaching for the top
in every which way

some might say i’m nuts
but it’s so fun
and what have you done?
i’m just trying to make my
life worthy, some

just hanging out in the sky
watching the world pass me by
it’s better than being stuck inside
and office all of the time

some might say i’m nuts
but it’s so fun
and what have you done?
i’m just trying to make my
life worthy, some
Track Name: breathless now
i’m in bliss
it’s been a while
since i’ve felt so good
and wasn’t in denial
these battle scars*
now make me smile
oh, it’s nice to be back now

these kids on the street
playing nasty games
and creating defeat
that used to be me**
but now i see
oh, i’m breathless now

i feel joy
when the sun shines down
this is exactly
what life’s all about
you run those miles
then rest for a while
oh, ignore past struggles***

this girl of mine****
she makes me smile
all the time
i can’t describe it
but i’m trying
oh, let the music try now

*i never fought in a war, in case that wasn't obvious yet.
**no, that was never me.
***says the little suburban boy who's biggest struggle thus far was breaking his Game Cube in 2007.
****not that i have ever claimed ownership of a woman, nor would i ever consider such a thing, of course. perhaps this saying is a tad bit out of date.